Our qualification is our experience!

Our team has a wide experience, allowing us to choose for the most different projects the respective special know-how of our employees and to integrate it into the individual process.

While working in wind-business, engineering and tool construction, welding and casting, quality assurance and project management for decades, our staff members could systematically observe and analyze the requirements of customers, suppliers and manufacturers.

We are mechanical engineers, welding engineers, certified project managers, experienced managers of mid-size companies, mediators and translators, and would be very pleased if we could put our know-how at your disposal! Let us also support you in foreign countries!

Our methods are sustainable and yielding a return!

In our methods and individually conceived processes, of course, technical interfaces (like certification authorities, laboratories of different institutes, experts, insurance companies, plant managers, sub-suppliers etc.) are as important as commercial and legal interfaces. We are able to gather all these interfaces with different interests together, coordinate them and connect them to the product in a way that achieves a win-win situation for all parties. In this way, we were able to record great success over the last years.



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