Professional service in renewable energies, industry and engineering design

We are partners to our clientele in the processing of project management as well as in associated themes and pending questions.

We are specialized and well experienced in multi-project-missions. Therefore, we are able to meet our customers' requirements fast, efficiently and at the highest expert level.

We guarantee that an order is always attended by an experienced partner who is a permanent contact for all kinds of questions.

We have a broad network and, if necessary, build up multidisciplinary teams for complex missions.

  • We unburden your company by taking over your projects, and you gain new internal capacities
  • Our independent non-conformity and claim management increases your success
  • On your behalf, we find win-win-solutions with your clients and suppliers
  • We have a holistic look at your product
  • Achieve a breakthrough before it’s too late – quick crisis management with practical approach by Schumann Solutions
  • We always find a solution for your issues



Schumann Solutions GmbH
Graf-Zeppelin-Str. 18
D-24941 Flensburg

Phone: +49 461 67 57 87 67
Fax: +49 461 67 57 87 68



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