Sven Schumann

General Manager
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2005 Foundation of Schumann Solutions in Janneby near Flensburg. Support in the field of repowering wind turbines.


2009 Start of the project development for the "Energy Fun Park". Registration of trademark rights for various product developments and processes.


2011 Order processing in the field of "external project management" with a focus on error and claim management.


2012 office opened in Flensburg. Here, the project Back Office was established to create all data and documents in the background of the projects. Welcome of the 3rd employee. Preparation for international assignments for quality assurance and supplier qualification.


2013 Welcoming the 10th employee to build quality assurance and supplier qualification. Various orders in the field of error management successfully supported.
Foundation of Schumann Solutions GmbH.
First projects in the field of software development to facilitate the documentation for our customers.


2014 a total of 17 employees to deepen the project work. In particular, in error and claim management, international projects were supervised. Founding of the software division "QIMP" - the Quality Improvement Portal.


2015 Expansion of software products, development of the first app for automated data collection "out of the field". An app that can be used within a very short time by the customer to capture important data and at the same time allows reports, analyzes and risk assessments with QIMP.


2016 Relocation of quality assurance and supplier qualification to external partners and deepening of software development. New app development for QIMP-mobile with more features and branding capabilities for clients' CI. Establishment of a CRM and ERP platform.


2017 Restructuring of the company in view of the decreasing demand in the wind energy industry. Expansion of the functionalities of the QIMP software. QIMP-ERP is launched and directly gains enormous popularity from small and medium-sized companies.


03/2018 Development of software development with many modules to extend the functions. Establishment of DATEV for the complete exchange of data in the accounting area.


08/2018 Founding of QIMP GmbH based in Lise-Meitner Str. 2 in Flensburg. Together with the Fleno GmbH from Flensburg the company was founded in view of the new challenges for the further development of QIMP.

Change of the registered office of Schumann Solutions GmbH back to Janneby near Flensburg.



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