Supplier qualification

As a result of open markets and the rising requirements to quality, supplier qualification becomes more and more important. On the one hand, suppliers have a major own interest in optimized product quality, on the other hand, in procurement management vs. by the user or customer, top importance is given to the quality and thereby previously to faultless processes at his supplier’s company.

Supplier qualification can take place in two ways:

  • Auditing of established suppliers (continuous checks of existing processes, instructions, certifications)
  • Auditing of new suppliers (check and qualification of the company’s processes, e.g. according to ISO 9001 or VDA 6.3)

Schumann Solutions does not only offer support in selecting new suppliers, but also assists customers in further qualification of established suppliers as well as in implementing new methods, control loops and measure-validation in the supplier's company. We are acquainted to all necessary tools and can, by our pool of experience, introduce and install the best process for you.

Generally, the focus is given to the company’s organisation. Among others, the following fields respectively their check are part of the supplier qualification:

  • Observance of control loops with regard to quality assurance
  • Availability of quality certificats (ISO-certification, CSR instructions, GMP-directives, etc.)
  • Documentation of continous employee trainings
  • Measures of quality assurance (e.g. corrective measures, preventive measures)
  • Documentation regarding maintenance and calibration of mechanical equipment
  • Directives on elaboration of documents
  • Archiving instructions
  • Respect to time targets

Supplier qualification is a check/audit we organise by order of our customer and that is held all over the world if necessary. This audit is planned and carried out observing your specific requirements. A complete report is put at your disposal.

In general, subsequently to the supplier qualification, the product qualification is affiliated.
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