QIMP - Quality Improvement Portal

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) requires comprehensive accompanying documentation. Commonly occurring delays in terms of information flow frequently cause PLM implementation difficulties.

The Quality Improvement Portal (QIMP), a web-based tool, has been developed to efficiently support your daily PLM documentation tasks. QIMP grants professional information pooling as well as pre-defineable organsation of files such as photos, documents, audio and video. 

QIMP offers an economic, highly flexible and customised way for meeting your needs:

  • Folder structure, tagging and surfaces according to your requirements
  • Multifunctional user management and secure access control
  • Straightforward QIMP embedding to your system architecture such as SAP, intranet, homepage, excel
  • Easy and flexible access options for third parties such as technicians, suppliers and end customers
  • Temporary or long-term usage options
  • Simple installation process

Additional QIMP advantages:

  • Tagging during or after uploads
  • Transparent structures
  • Fast exchange of information and data accelerates the response time
  • Long-term evaluation options to track and manage product lifecycles
  • Improved project documentation results
  • Allocation of information for supporting your claim management
  • Direct access to Schumann Solutions' additional services

Make use of your data gathered:

  • Files, information, knowledge and knowhow in one place
  • QIMP's multidimensional and advanced search engine grants comprehensive reporting results
  • 24/7 accessibility, irrespective of user's location

Read more: www.qimp.com




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