Project development

In the practical application of project development, many project management methods are applied and mixed-up. There are often overlaps. Important aspects of the project are forgotten. The most common reasons for this are a lack of coordination and synchronisation and insufficient development of the task at the beginning.

Besides a lean, but nevertheless complete project handling, we attach great importance to ALL aspects, i.e. also to associated or surrounding factors.


  • analysis of requirements
  • contract specification (definition of requirements)
  • functional specification (contract specification completed by specific details)
  • resources: analysis of cost and time expenditure
  • roadmap
  • risk analysis

Start of project

  • meeting of clients
  • start of project and follow-up-workshops

Project coordination

  • approval of work packages
  • validation and verification


  • report on project status

End of project

  • report on end of project

Our project development processes are independent of the specific project matter, they are conceived individually at the beginning of each project. For example, we are presently working on the conceptual design of a heating storage for a biogas plant, another project is the technical and commercial preparation of a big theme park focusing on energy matters combined to pedagogical aspirations. Projects that differ completely, but show our large range of activities and the wide usability of our project development tools.

In all projects, we are in close contact to the corresponding authorities, institutions (e.g. IBSH or WTSH which are public institutions), insurance companies or investors. Our network is broad and each project is well aligned.



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