Qualification of products

Within product qualification, focus is given to the product itself or to a component. We follow up observance of specifications and check respectively establish their implementation. Main elements of product qualification are:

  • Observance of standards and instructions
  • Observance of specifications
  • Continous high quality of products
  • Identification and sustainable elimination of non-conformities
  • Validation of product, measures and methods

During operation, products/parts/components are subject to manifold influences that have an impact on function, life cycle, quality and reliability of the product. Our methods of product qualification assure that all products of your company meet the requirements and fulfil their function safely.

Consequently, product qualification already starts in the conception period of a new product. Findings from tests during the product's engineering are again and again incorporated and optimise the product. When the product is ready for the market and in production, periodical checks of product and process are carried out.

But also in case of a non-conformity (production/delivery of faulty, finished products), we identify the weak points and work on a sustainable elimination of the fault. We design control loops for continuous product optimisation and lasting elimination of the identified non-conformities. Validation and verification of processes as well as their integration into the organizational structure of the supplier are our central methods.

At the end of a product qualification, a detailed documentation is put at your disposal which is an important quality proof to your end-customer.




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