External project management

Project management is the discipline of planning, leading and controlling projects. As the term suggests, in the external project management the project handling is given to an external project manager, where appropriate to a whole external project team. Thus, the Schumann Solutions team is handling your projects on site. We come to your company, visit your commercial partners if necessary and work with you in a team.

  • Problem solving by integrated system thinking
  • Regard to time, cost and quality in the magic triangle
  • Consideration of requirements from customers, manufacturers, suppliers and products

A recurrent theme is the integration of manufacturers and suppliers in each individual step of the supply chain.

We are convinced that sustainability and therefore avoiding making the same mistakes in the future can only be achieved if the suppliers are involved in finding a solution. Likewise, if a mistake is made, the requirements of the end customer must be taken into account. A continuous, open exchange with all parties must be sought and safeguarded for this.

Our methods are continuously effective, strategically fixed and are subject to approved standards.

It goes without saying that great importance is given to the requirements of the customer or contractor. This is not just an empty promise, but a matter of course. By focussing on efficiency and durability of corrective measures as well as their transfer to potentially linked areas, we achieve a maximum sustainability of our methods.

Schumann Solutions: independent, professional, practical approach

On examining the problems or project requirements with a view to the basic idea of project management, the magic triangle, it soon becomes clear that optimal project handling requires a holistic approach.



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